Monday, August 11, 2014

Robin Williams' death an opportunity to bring to the forefront the conversation on substance use disorders and treatment...

Interesting enough, they mentioned in CNN its 'normal' for people in recovery to go back into rehab to 'check in' once in a while. And yet another opportunity to bring to the light substance use disorder and addiction. A global epidemic, a wave so immersed in our day to day lives with prescriptions galore, that it has become common and we'd much rather not talk about it. It seems recovery is portrayed as rough, as rocky, and that erratic behaviors are a common. Placing aside his genius, a true ability to make everyone smile and laugh, this is no laughing matter. Behind the smile was a story that, might appear tempting to know deeply as a macabre mean, could have touched us with vulnerability. I believe behind this story is that of a man we can relate: to the darkness and difficulties we so rarely speak of yet so desire to drop the veil of. Drug and alcohol cause trillions to this country and many more to the world. What's behind this epidemic? What solutions do we have? More importantly, who will come out to share their story of success? My condolences to the family and loved ones, a part dies in me for I met him personally and enjoyed a laugh in an elevator from one of the greatest. Before we delve into the magic and beauty, it is important we don't let go the opportunity to speak of the fact that it was substance use related.