Sunday, August 31, 2014

Who would have though that those in recovery from a life once sabotaged in substance use could be the greatest come back in terms of scholar outcomes? Sober homes and sober living on campus seems to be bringing back greater scholar outcomes than normal. Heres to those who are willing to put the stigma to the side with a new story: sober is awesome.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sober homes do have overseeing bodies such as the sober living network and caarr. Usually the tension caused by nieghbors is stigma related and fear behind it driving prices down, both proven wrong by research showing a positive correlation with benefits to the community such as reduced crime. Heres to the education and advocacy in recovery housing.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Robin WIlliams' sober living coach? #mentalhealth #suicide #substanceusedisorders

Wonderful. Just as the news continues to disseminate, the media wants to find deeper details to the point that 'his' 'sober living coach'(sic) had some insight into his life, including breaking his anonymity within the rooms of twelve step meetings. Great. Lets just make it more uncomfortable for those seeking a safe space...or are we ready to move out of 'the rooms'? To do so means getting honest and real about our lives. No, twelve step meetings are not group therapy. Despite this particular news depicting the celebrity's inner turmoil, recovery is a space to share hope and not to explore trauma. Yes, it is our foundation and social support, yet we are at a standstill when it comes to the stigma of mental health as a key support to cementing recovery and not the only solution, which is implied by many who continue to shy away from a complete spectrum of evidence based programs. Lets get our stories straight and share about whats working.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Robin Williams' death an opportunity to bring to the forefront the conversation on substance use disorders and treatment...

Interesting enough, they mentioned in CNN its 'normal' for people in recovery to go back into rehab to 'check in' once in a while. And yet another opportunity to bring to the light substance use disorder and addiction. A global epidemic, a wave so immersed in our day to day lives with prescriptions galore, that it has become common and we'd much rather not talk about it. It seems recovery is portrayed as rough, as rocky, and that erratic behaviors are a common. Placing aside his genius, a true ability to make everyone smile and laugh, this is no laughing matter. Behind the smile was a story that, might appear tempting to know deeply as a macabre mean, could have touched us with vulnerability. I believe behind this story is that of a man we can relate: to the darkness and difficulties we so rarely speak of yet so desire to drop the veil of. Drug and alcohol cause trillions to this country and many more to the world. What's behind this epidemic? What solutions do we have? More importantly, who will come out to share their story of success? My condolences to the family and loved ones, a part dies in me for I met him personally and enjoyed a laugh in an elevator from one of the greatest. Before we delve into the magic and beauty, it is important we don't let go the opportunity to speak of the fact that it was substance use related.

Friday, August 8, 2014

100 billion is what it costs to continue seeing addiction as a war

Thank you Obama for your policy on drugs. First time its been clear:

Science demonstrates that addiction is a disease of the brain—a disease that can be prevented and treated, and from which people can recover. The Administration's drug policy reflects this understanding by emphasizing prevention and access to treatment over incarceration, pursing "smart on crime" rather than "tough on crime" approaches to drug-related offenses, and support for early health interventions designed to break the cycle of drug use, crime, incarceration, and re-arrest.

Heres to great beginnings, excited to see the first implementations...

And the ruling for sober living within OC is...

Sober living seems to be heading towards standards and regulations as an outcome of Orange County. Just like there are amazing homes with true passion and leadership, the tarnish of those who aren't supervised or regulated can only hurt the overall mission of recovery housing: that were someone wishing to begin their journey may find a blessing of an atmosphere to transform.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Self detox?

Unfortunately, things get worse before they shine a light into the lack of awareness and education on treatment and recovery. We need not explore the consequences of self forms of alcoholism and/or addiction. Even though the vocabulary of addiction has changed today to that of substance use disorder, and rightly so because of severity, taking on this endeavor on ones self is too much.!bttzmg