Wednesday, June 25, 2014

From pain meds to needles... #prescription #prescriptiondrugs #prescriptiondrugabuse #opiateaddiction #opiateabuse #opiatewithdrawal #opiatetreatment #heroin #heroinabuse #heroinoverdose #heroinaddiction

Well, its finally becoming more apparent that there is a correlation between opiate prescription experimentation and heroin addiction fall hand in hand. Question is, what changes will be done to regulate prescriptions and what effective means of treatment exist now? What makes a collegiate client different or is there a difference? Recovery housing is certified, there is simply no education out there to empower parents or facilities to extend care beyond the 30 days.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What about sober living? #soberliving #soberlivingsandiego #addiction

Treatment is critical, sober housing is essential. Long term recovery requires learning how to recreate an alcohol and drug free space, and as we educate and empower families can we begin to expect those in recovery to transition to a space where families can heal on their own and give the opportunity of those hurting to flourish.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Sober Living Homes with Top Outcomes

30 days of addiction treatment is not enough. Recovery requires long term attention and quality sober living is essential for the foundation of a sober life. By The Sea Recovery sober living homes and recovery housing for collegiate men is aware of the adjunct trials of early recovery: job placement, continuing education and overall social reintegration. With a minimum 120 day stay, a young adult has the capacity to live and learn how to live sober, take care of his own space and thrive through high quality and frequent drug testing, common schedules and executive job placement. Call us now for availability at (760) 216-2077. By The Sea Recovery sober living San Diego: redefining sober living homes and placing a standard of recovery housing for men.

Letting go of the addiction stigma...even in Martha's Vineyard #addiction #recovery #opiates #heroin

Yes, even in Martha's Vineyard has opiate addiction arrived. No rehabs in site and hospitals overwhelmed. A great opportunity to become educated on recovery, resources and 12 step programs. As we awaken to an epidemic can we begin to seek those who have seen results. We are currently fighting a stigma and realizing there are solutions, that those who suffer cannot be chastised or placed aside, we must live together and have resources within our communities. Addiction cannot be solved with punitive measures and short term solutions are irrational. Just like cancer or diabetes has a continuous attention as well as long term supervision, addiction must be seen as the like.

Friday, June 6, 2014

DEA cracking on synthetics #drugs #addiction #sober

Synthetic drugs can be packaged in all types of 'non-crecreational' forms, rarely labeled for use but causing some high (pardon the pun) repercussions to people and society. This weekend the DEA starting cracking down on smoke shops selling this popular marijuana, known as K2, in a way to send a message to other distributors or manufacturers.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Just say 'Maybe tomorrow'? #addiction #alcoholism #sober #soberliving #soberlivingsandiego

Its actually impossible to keep them away from drugs, its part of the culture. The thing is, what to do in those instances. Just say no is from the Reagan era and it not only didnt help, but it stigmatized it and created a whole other problem legally, but thats beyond this post.

Know they will come across it. Know that no matter their self esteem, it is uncomfortable and many times inevitable to give into at least partaking in the social aspect of the use and setting. I recommend highly the evidence based research from David Schiff on 'Clean' such as having safety text messages to be picked up and even using parents as an excuse or 'throing under the bus' such as 'I will be tested and can be thrown out by my parents', etc.

How do you have conversations regarding drugs and alcohol use? I loved the fact that it did mention that speaking honestly about the consequences specially if they are real can minimize the statistics of use later on. There is more to learn...