Monday, December 29, 2014

Heroin: a theme for 2015

And as we wrap this year, may we know that Holidays for some means hopefully being able to let go of the heaviest burden of them all: addiction. With heroin at its all time high, both in availability and low cost, this once forgotten but now oversupplied drug is arresting the development of many of our youths in this country. No, not only a specific group, but all. It has been thought that it only affects those who have broken upbringings, but it is now understood that it is not a moral decision but a vulnerable target in one of the most frail moments in life. What begins as playing with pharmaceuticals turns into snorting or smoking, and eventually the fear of the needle leaves as time goes by, making IV inevitable. Lets look to solutions, to prevention and to leaving the stigma and the fear. Heres to making a change in 2015, to speaking about it, and bringing more information and recovery stories to the table.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Wiki Withdrawal you mean there is a high probability that youth's on their phone all the time might also be misusing substances. Interesting. Thoughts? I wonder if the people making the tests have an issue with it and how they came about studying it. I mean, who are the individuals who placed so much value in it, and by value I mean money. How much is facebook and twitter worth? I wonder if what were studying to understand is more a reflection of what we value and if their is a contradiction of what we want as opposed to what we are creating. Perhaps a bit too deep, but I personally wouldn't get too overwhelmed into studying the disorder of social media as opposed to understanding the torn social dynamics, specifically generational value and appreciation gaps. Those I have yet to see studied.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Cooper opens up

Bradley Cooper opens up about living in recovery for ten years now, a brave step to letting in vulnerability as a public figure. It seems more stars and celebrities keep disclosing as a manner to let go of the stigma and the weight of the shame and guilt that is so many times reinforced by society. As the stigma becomes obsolete, we commend an actor of this stature to speak about his difficulties, but most importantly his great accomplishments such as the great work he has accumulated as well as his up an coming film directed by Clint Eastwood.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Stronger than any note he had played before

Ace of Kiss 'comes out' regarding his recovery after receiving the most coveted award in music, the hall of fame. Yet another grand name becomes open regarding a journey of life and a once seemingly held stigma that now seems a calling to educate and empower the community than anything else. Thank you for your strength through vulnerability.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Maybe getting a buzz is good to get off the hard stuff?

Aaah, so perhaps there is some science behind the caffeine overload of many in early recovery from alcohol and substance use disorders? Definitely worth throwing in more research. Starbucks wanting to sponsor a double blind study in early addiction?

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Goodbye Ganja for Gaga?

A beautiful openness to share her hope. Bravo Gaga, taking a true story that might at first glance appear like the typical lifestyle or repetitive stumble of an artist's life, turned into an expression of life, redemption and above all a huge impact on many a followers that this talented and immensely creative woman is. What an amazing way to realize the power an artist has, beginning with Elton John and his ability to pass on the message of recovery. THIS is the type of story that deserves the hype. We support and admire you Gaga and can't wait to see your new material and the shift that you as a creative individual will bring. If you created such awesomeness high, the bomb is yet to arrive. Go rock and roll and our applauses go your way.

Monday, November 17, 2014

To be or not to lsd?

With psychedelic induced therapies become more evident as well as researched, there is a controversial rebirth of interest to its attending PTSD as well as other mental health disorders. The substance use disorder field seems to push backwards, with strong sentiments against the abstinence based mindset overheard from 12 step programs. What are your thoughts and experience? I personally have seen youth recovery from substance use disorders being open to trying it as a detox and have rarely seen that interest in regular treatment. It seems to be uncovering an element of willingness, and the variable is one that seems more looking into. All comments are highly appreciated for we cannot stand with a mindset of 'We know it all' or 'This is how it is", with an epidemic running rampant and a need for all best practices to be shared and research to show what the true underlying variables to recovery are.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014 Colombia?

Colombia, a world known drug capital, now seeks to decriminalize marijuana in an effort to change the way their population confronts use and its legal implications. It seems that the 'war' against drugs seems to be a fight against a larger giant, and as we move from decriminalization to attending the underlying factors of use, abuse, addiction and illegal and informal economies, time will show us these new trends in approaching our legal systems and how they interact in our world. Although having 'up to 20 plants per household' seems a little outlandish, I guess you have to start somewhere. A very brave step towards change yet research and statistics will prevail. It will be interesting to see the societal impacts and overall interaction with borders and trade.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Supreme Court Say No...

The supreme court said no. It will not review nor follow up on Newport wishing to regulate sober living homes. Its interesting however that there has to be standards and a mechanism for control, for a situation like the one in Florida, mixing insurance and treatment, may cross fine lines and be pushing the terms of treatment and recovery housing. Where to place a line? Where to say 'this is discriminatory'? While arguments from both sides are afloat, NAARR and CAARR continue to be the overseeing bodies of sober living homes and the 'standard' of todays recovery housing. The cities will continue to be scared: some rightly so, others in outright stigma-ridden fear. The recovery community needs to come together and self regulate, at the level of cities, not ignoring educating and supporting the city by collecting data, implementing best practices or evidence based research, and continue to being open to feedback and change. The sober housing field is in its adolescent stage: shouts of independence are being heard yet there is no real evidence of independence. How can we support both sides of growth and regulation?

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sober Living in North County San Diego

A recovery community for all?

Interesting, it costs Ohio $55 dollars a day to have someone in jail and a city proposal is to have a cheaper alternative for those cases related to substance use disorders through a sober living community. Wonderful proposal and financially it makes sense. Time to take a risk into developing it with hopefully the help of those that have had previous experience in either private institutions with the right supervision of government. The rest is in the hands of time and outcomes. Here's to Ohio, paving a way to placing attention to the roots and not the symptoms, not ignoring the high costs of incarceration.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

By The Sea Recovery Sober Living San Diego

"The more we talk about it, the less shame there will be...". Thank you Joe.

Beautiful Joe. Educating and sharing personal experiences comfort the questions, fears and doubts about mental health and substance use disorders: from anger to solutions. It also creates a shift from handicap to empowerment, both supporting governmental agencies and leaders to promote evidence based programs, social support models and existing agencies that are currently having positive outcomes. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, and usually 'a-ha' breakthroughs are rarely the norm, but rather the support of existing programs that require a little extra push, communicating it to the general public and having conversations on existing areas of growth. Thank you Joe, we need your story and may others who have a positive role in society continue to come up and share theirs.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Steven Tyler becomes vulnerable...

And many more continue to open up about their story and their struggle, sharing about the difficulties of recovery but above all the hope for those who continue hurting in still shameful and guilty space that requires attention to its right perspective: substance use disorders are an epidemic and once viewed as containing a physiological component as well as trauma based situation, can it be face the right way. Thank you Steven for being vulnerable and sharing with others.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Chris Christie on the destigmatize addiction #brave #chrischristie #drugs #stigma #shame #guilt #fear #aa #na #recovery

A fresh voice into changing the conversation from 'war' to 'facing'. There cannot be a movement until it 'faces' the truth: an epidemic impacting 2/3 of the American population, not ignoring the indirect impact in the world and economies. By understanding that previous efforts to demonize or punitively attend a measure that is rooted in social, mental and biological features, morality does not have a stance in an event hurting so many and having such a weak impact although billions have been spent in unsuccessful attempts. Heres to Chris Christie. Aside from any political views, his stance on this situation is 'lean' on ;)

Monday, October 13, 2014

14 days #14days

October is recovery month. We all have that uncle, cousin, brother...yes even grandparent. To maintain the guilt and shame is unbearable...sometimes the silence kills. Heres to a new perception on the most pervasive and quiet killer in this country in which we have so much progress and hope for change.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Recovery from addiction: Another story of hope

A brave soul to come out and share her hope and message about recovery against the overwhelming resistance of stigma, anonymity and continued belief of early efforts to curtail use through abstinence.   Not only are these celebrities saving lives, but changing the way we see addiction: from a dark connotation to an understanding of a serious disease affecting the brain and body. As our assessment to treat this disease changes, so does our vocabulary and our perception to a much more clearer manner to attend the population's questions, worries and concerns. Thank you Stevie Nicks, you are the beginning of a wave that is sharing light to a misunderstood epidemic. There is a solution.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Drug addiction withdrawal does not only affect adults, but also babies. Withdrawal of these babies include having the inability to suck from the bottle due to affected reflexes. A growing epidemic and seen regionally with a rise, it must also reflect a larger macrocosm of the inner war we are fighting as a nation. Education and prevention must continue and be furthered. Thank you to everyone attending this hurdle at every level of attention, for it takes a very special human being to have the compassion to see the disease of a mother who cannot see beyond her own pain. I believe in change and remember, if you have the hope, we need you to share it.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Closing the loop: regulations for sober living homes.

There is a need to connect the loophole of relapse within sober living to receiving detox or treatment. At the time of relapse, rarely are those who are in the interim seek to continue their journey in recovery, yet if there was an intermediary space or reserve for detox it could be easy to transition back to primary care.

Rarely are residents 'kicked out'. Part of the agreement is having a zero tolerance policy and for the overall well being of others, one cannot stay that night at the sober living environment. Management should offer resources and at its extreme offer a nearby hotel stay. Family members are usually not advised due to the resident being the client and many times causing a reaction towards the home in terms of negativity. It tends to be a call that is unique to the situation. However, there is a space to look into and attend these 'loopholes'. Educating families before entering as well as communicating the policy is key. It is hard not to have families being bothered at the homes themselves. Sober living homes are not facilities, they are however certified and overseen by coalitions maintaining a standard as well as a responsibility for treatment centers to become knowledgeable of those who operate efficiently and communicative to counselors.

Although we are miles ahead in knowledge and having sober living homes is a reflection of our understanding as a nation, we have work to do ahead. What to do? Detox insurance? Detox fund at entry in sober living? Will a loved one want help at the time of relapse? Will regulations become stringent as more incidents as these arise? I hope we as a community come together, understanding that sober living can and does have flaws, offers a necessary and vital service to the community and in order to flourish and grow all participants must come together.

We can continue blaming treatment centers, their inefficiencies, sober living homes, management, families, or we can come together. What is your experience? How can we make this better?

Thursday, September 4, 2014

sober living fear...

Arizona does in fact have a sober living coalition. Fear seems to penetrate into communities about recovery being mostly that there is an epidemic and it is rarely addressed. Prescription abuse is rampant and substance use disorders are on the rise, solutions such as housing are something to be embraced yet knowledge about coalitions and the necessity to address standards is a must.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Who would have though that those in recovery from a life once sabotaged in substance use could be the greatest come back in terms of scholar outcomes? Sober homes and sober living on campus seems to be bringing back greater scholar outcomes than normal. Heres to those who are willing to put the stigma to the side with a new story: sober is awesome.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sober homes do have overseeing bodies such as the sober living network and caarr. Usually the tension caused by nieghbors is stigma related and fear behind it driving prices down, both proven wrong by research showing a positive correlation with benefits to the community such as reduced crime. Heres to the education and advocacy in recovery housing.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Robin WIlliams' sober living coach? #mentalhealth #suicide #substanceusedisorders

Wonderful. Just as the news continues to disseminate, the media wants to find deeper details to the point that 'his' 'sober living coach'(sic) had some insight into his life, including breaking his anonymity within the rooms of twelve step meetings. Great. Lets just make it more uncomfortable for those seeking a safe space...or are we ready to move out of 'the rooms'? To do so means getting honest and real about our lives. No, twelve step meetings are not group therapy. Despite this particular news depicting the celebrity's inner turmoil, recovery is a space to share hope and not to explore trauma. Yes, it is our foundation and social support, yet we are at a standstill when it comes to the stigma of mental health as a key support to cementing recovery and not the only solution, which is implied by many who continue to shy away from a complete spectrum of evidence based programs. Lets get our stories straight and share about whats working.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Robin Williams' death an opportunity to bring to the forefront the conversation on substance use disorders and treatment...

Interesting enough, they mentioned in CNN its 'normal' for people in recovery to go back into rehab to 'check in' once in a while. And yet another opportunity to bring to the light substance use disorder and addiction. A global epidemic, a wave so immersed in our day to day lives with prescriptions galore, that it has become common and we'd much rather not talk about it. It seems recovery is portrayed as rough, as rocky, and that erratic behaviors are a common. Placing aside his genius, a true ability to make everyone smile and laugh, this is no laughing matter. Behind the smile was a story that, might appear tempting to know deeply as a macabre mean, could have touched us with vulnerability. I believe behind this story is that of a man we can relate: to the darkness and difficulties we so rarely speak of yet so desire to drop the veil of. Drug and alcohol cause trillions to this country and many more to the world. What's behind this epidemic? What solutions do we have? More importantly, who will come out to share their story of success? My condolences to the family and loved ones, a part dies in me for I met him personally and enjoyed a laugh in an elevator from one of the greatest. Before we delve into the magic and beauty, it is important we don't let go the opportunity to speak of the fact that it was substance use related.

Friday, August 8, 2014

100 billion is what it costs to continue seeing addiction as a war

Thank you Obama for your policy on drugs. First time its been clear:

Science demonstrates that addiction is a disease of the brain—a disease that can be prevented and treated, and from which people can recover. The Administration's drug policy reflects this understanding by emphasizing prevention and access to treatment over incarceration, pursing "smart on crime" rather than "tough on crime" approaches to drug-related offenses, and support for early health interventions designed to break the cycle of drug use, crime, incarceration, and re-arrest.

Heres to great beginnings, excited to see the first implementations...

And the ruling for sober living within OC is...

Sober living seems to be heading towards standards and regulations as an outcome of Orange County. Just like there are amazing homes with true passion and leadership, the tarnish of those who aren't supervised or regulated can only hurt the overall mission of recovery housing: that were someone wishing to begin their journey may find a blessing of an atmosphere to transform.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Self detox?

Unfortunately, things get worse before they shine a light into the lack of awareness and education on treatment and recovery. We need not explore the consequences of self forms of alcoholism and/or addiction. Even though the vocabulary of addiction has changed today to that of substance use disorder, and rightly so because of severity, taking on this endeavor on ones self is too much.!bttzmg

Thursday, July 31, 2014

destigmatize through detox?

Ohio seems like it's getting over the anger and into the solution when it comes to dealing with addiction: providing measures of treatment even if it means short term stay and attention to addiction other than jail or prison. After reviewing comments, the accumulation of anger towards the costs undertaken by these options seem alarming to the 'bloggers' yet is a minute representation of the trillions lost in productivity, health and overall social costs of addiction. The fact that a heroin conference in Ohio had 83 of 88 counties assisting shows that they can no longer ignore it: heroin addiction is an epidemic and that includes pharmaceuticals that are opiate based. Heres to those wanting to attend a problem rather than shoving it aside.

Monday, July 28, 2014

The Stigma of Addiction Prevails....

And yet another display of a community's portrayal of stigma and ignorance: not in my backyard. That doesnt happen in your neighborhood, right? The fact that recovery resources are available in a city such as treatment centers, sober living homes and detoxes, are only a sign of the sensitivity and care that a community places to America's addiction epidemic. It is not in a specific zip code. Its everywhere. A sign of a community coming to a realization that punitive efforts are not efficient and that recovery should be part of their culture. C'mon, help your youth or be pulled back by an inability to offer resources.

for more information on addiction, recovery resources, sober living homes and addiction treatment centers, please contact: http:/

Friday, July 25, 2014

Is addiction treatment progressing in the US?

Sometimes we beat ourselves over the lack of progress in treatment in the United States. Need not worry, we are light years ahead, and though very rightly so are we still in need for greater standards, evidence-based research and progress, here's to the country that brought you 12 steps, hope and alternatives to punitive measures.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Come out...from addiction.

Coming the public about addiction. The beginning of a new wave for the valor and pride of recovery from addiction. Thank you Vendetta.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ibogain...for heroin withdrawal or ATM withdrawal?

Sounds like Ibuprofen but not, and offered South of the border because, well, because you can. Isn't a hallucinogen for drug withdrawal mean a drug to continue drug use? Is it a better 'bad'? The problem with opinions without research is its catchy and I'd love to look more into the background of the person offering it. Thoughts?

For more information on after care and addiction recovery resources for collegiate men reach us at

Monday, July 14, 2014

Yes, even out in vermont... #heroin #addiction

The epidemic of heroin keeps escalating, causing twisted heads to look further into the problematic with a need for education, prevention and above all treatment. What is your state doing?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

From pain meds to needles... #prescription #prescriptiondrugs #prescriptiondrugabuse #opiateaddiction #opiateabuse #opiatewithdrawal #opiatetreatment #heroin #heroinabuse #heroinoverdose #heroinaddiction

Well, its finally becoming more apparent that there is a correlation between opiate prescription experimentation and heroin addiction fall hand in hand. Question is, what changes will be done to regulate prescriptions and what effective means of treatment exist now? What makes a collegiate client different or is there a difference? Recovery housing is certified, there is simply no education out there to empower parents or facilities to extend care beyond the 30 days.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What about sober living? #soberliving #soberlivingsandiego #addiction

Treatment is critical, sober housing is essential. Long term recovery requires learning how to recreate an alcohol and drug free space, and as we educate and empower families can we begin to expect those in recovery to transition to a space where families can heal on their own and give the opportunity of those hurting to flourish.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Sober Living Homes with Top Outcomes

30 days of addiction treatment is not enough. Recovery requires long term attention and quality sober living is essential for the foundation of a sober life. By The Sea Recovery sober living homes and recovery housing for collegiate men is aware of the adjunct trials of early recovery: job placement, continuing education and overall social reintegration. With a minimum 120 day stay, a young adult has the capacity to live and learn how to live sober, take care of his own space and thrive through high quality and frequent drug testing, common schedules and executive job placement. Call us now for availability at (760) 216-2077. By The Sea Recovery sober living San Diego: redefining sober living homes and placing a standard of recovery housing for men.

Letting go of the addiction stigma...even in Martha's Vineyard #addiction #recovery #opiates #heroin

Yes, even in Martha's Vineyard has opiate addiction arrived. No rehabs in site and hospitals overwhelmed. A great opportunity to become educated on recovery, resources and 12 step programs. As we awaken to an epidemic can we begin to seek those who have seen results. We are currently fighting a stigma and realizing there are solutions, that those who suffer cannot be chastised or placed aside, we must live together and have resources within our communities. Addiction cannot be solved with punitive measures and short term solutions are irrational. Just like cancer or diabetes has a continuous attention as well as long term supervision, addiction must be seen as the like.

Friday, June 6, 2014

DEA cracking on synthetics #drugs #addiction #sober

Synthetic drugs can be packaged in all types of 'non-crecreational' forms, rarely labeled for use but causing some high (pardon the pun) repercussions to people and society. This weekend the DEA starting cracking down on smoke shops selling this popular marijuana, known as K2, in a way to send a message to other distributors or manufacturers.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Just say 'Maybe tomorrow'? #addiction #alcoholism #sober #soberliving #soberlivingsandiego

Its actually impossible to keep them away from drugs, its part of the culture. The thing is, what to do in those instances. Just say no is from the Reagan era and it not only didnt help, but it stigmatized it and created a whole other problem legally, but thats beyond this post.

Know they will come across it. Know that no matter their self esteem, it is uncomfortable and many times inevitable to give into at least partaking in the social aspect of the use and setting. I recommend highly the evidence based research from David Schiff on 'Clean' such as having safety text messages to be picked up and even using parents as an excuse or 'throing under the bus' such as 'I will be tested and can be thrown out by my parents', etc.

How do you have conversations regarding drugs and alcohol use? I loved the fact that it did mention that speaking honestly about the consequences specially if they are real can minimize the statistics of use later on. There is more to learn...

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Free shipping on Vicodin orders over $100

Yes, even Amazon has loopholes and its amazing what a dealer will do to squeeze the system in order to provide drugs through mail. In a digital age its hard to control the logistics of ordering and shipping, yet its so highly tempting to be part of such a wonderful supply and demand search. What next, the digital DEA?

Monday, May 26, 2014

Numb to the death toll #addiction #drugs

So, when are we going to do something about it other than continue to good ol adage of the 80's 'Say No'. Its not working, prevention is outdated, and efforts to scare are ridiculous. Prescriptions are rampant, heroin is an epidemic and its being made across the border, the death toll is rising. Treatment is just the beginning but education is key: to society, to families, to social workers and perhaps needing a mass media message. Which one? How about one that places the truth as the forefront? That addresses the epidemic. That reflects the true numbers and attends the lack of attention to outcomes. If 30 day treatment is not working and outcomes have not gotten better with time, what is missing? Wheres long term housing with an emphasis on life skills for youth? Who is leading these movements? Its time for action.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Thou shalt not medicate...

tends to be the common verbage of those in recovery, influenced strongly by an 'old school' adage of 'medications are drugs' of many 12 step groups (though there is an AA pamphlet that communicates the importance of medication and the place for it in recovery). In modern times we stand at a standstill, with points of view stigmatizing all efforts to support recovery and the opposing which finds 'meetings' distracting as well as incomplete without a nice array of pharma coctails. Where to go?

Friday, May 2, 2014

Zac Efron speaks about recovery

More and more common it seems to be that celebrities and Hollywood seems to feel more comfortable about their journey in recovery, a fresh walk from the drama of rehab and the shame and guilt behind it. As the openness to begin a journey to a new life begins, the public has begun to have a new ear for the steps required to face sobriety. Who knows, could it be cool soon to be sober?

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Powdered alcohol the new Pixie Stix for adults?

Let the games begin. A new form of alcohol that has hit the shelfs (mostly digital). We will be witnessing its use (or misuse) as well as the implications and consequences of approving it. Will it be able to be breathalyzed for? How do you test for it? Restaurants, bars and concert halls ok with it? Time to sit back and watch history and the many arrays of patented forms of recreational substances. Im interested in seeing how youth will use it. It seems too similar to another powdered cousin.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Voice of Recovery is being heard...Loud

A Boston Mayor realizing he cannot do it on his own. Recognition to our recovery communities as being not only supportive, but an crucial element to educating and transforming prevention and outreach. Here's to Recovery. Here's to our communities. Here's to change. Our fight was worth fighting and the next step is making this voice louder. We vote and can make decisions. Share.

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Monday, March 3, 2014

and no one spoke about Philip Seymour Hoffman's death...

Yes, they pulled a Whitney at the Oscars (Academy Awards for Motion Pictures), an opportunity to bring up to awareness the roots of addiction, the responsibilities of parties involved in entertainment and a message for a nationwide epidemic, but no, lets just breeze over and not speak about the dirty 'specimen' of film. But its not only in film, its everywhere. And heroin is the number one culprit of overdose given its price and availability. In a world of economics, don't expect marijuana to be the only thing offered to kids during their most vulnerable times, less alone adults seeking a fix.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Why treatment centers are responsible for Phillip Seymour Hoffman's death...

And why most detox and rehabs will not speak about what we can learn from it...

#phillipseymourhoffman dead brings up the fact that for talent to go to work after #detox is as much the responsibility o f#treatmentcenters as it is for #studios and #talentmanagement  to halt them than it is for the person suffering from #addiction#treatmentcenters are weak, rarely involve families for more than a day or a week at most, and have a hard time telling you the truth: we prefer dealing with your insurance and your check than telling you that 30 days is not enough and that its easier to 'treat' you than to tell your loved ones and business circles how just as sick they are as you. The wrong people are leading this 'industry'. You can call it industry the day you have recovery rates worth publishing or speaking about. The majority of line staff has a year or two sober, are as unstable as the patients they are 'caring for'. Its a great business model when your staff is mostly made up of counselors (they are cheap), the majority suffering from relapses from the transference and countertransference they can't even see into. Counselors are case managers, not therapists. But lets not think about that, lets look at margins and figure that paying minimum wage to people that cant really offer more vale make for a great business model (with the most depressed culture and atmospheres). Shure, less than ten percent make it. Keep telling yourself that. Keep believing that it's a hit or miss. It's more a hit or miss industry, no feedback from those treated, no business principles for selecting or cutting staff, making sure you foment leading outcomes. But the owner is playing golf, he doesn't need to hear about the drama at the center. BTW, Insurance companies are catching up. Some treatment centers do do their work and others simply are sad excuses for people in recovery who shine their sobriety chips around as an education certificate. Results will start showing who cares and who doesn't. Its time for change. Less than ten percent is an outcome that should be a reflection of bad treatment processes. #drugs  are getting stronger and cheaper. Oh, I forgot talking about your future clientele...youth. Yes, they see through your sleeves. Your depressed staff cant inspire a young adult to recovery. Inspiration comes from inspired people, not from having a nice facility. Yes, Im angry, but this anger is changing the the way, Im not alone...#bythesearecovery

Monday, January 6, 2014

an inspirational story

MY NEPHEW TRAVIS ASHTON THE INSPIRATIONAL GOLFER: MY THOUGHTS: Hello world, Its blogger time again, its a new year and a new beginning. I am excited for this new year. I just know it w...